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PentaValue is a rising global Software and digital solutions organization based in Cairo – Egypt, founded in 2015 by Abdelrahman Al-Jazzar and grown by a team of professionals. The firm offers your business the best technology, consultationdigital marketing service and security system. Within the first year of hard work, PentaValue has accomplished hundreds of projects for some of the world's leading organizations in different industries such as banking, medical, educational, transportation, sports, news and press, hospitality, entertainment and many others. Besides that, PentaValue is working on generating its own products with the finest and most innovative technology.

Our Values

Customer centric

Our main responsibility is our customer. Customer-relationship is our strongest value. we treat the customer as if they're a part of our team and make them feel included in the process of delivering the project/product requested.


we are always open to try new technologies, and we encourage our team to be innovative and try new ways that will be both effective and efficient to keep up with the world's latest technologies.

Result oriented

We have a detailed software process that we stand by, so that we can achieve the project requested in the most accurate way, once we are in control for delivering the project we devote to it untill it's completed exactly as the customer wanted.

Social impact

we always like to give back to our society, we don't only work on servicing our customers but also the society we live in, we create products that help every individual and we also offer different courses and internships for interested students in differentt fields.

Work enviroment

While we are devoted to our work and getting tasks done to satisfy our customer, we also take care of our employees by offering them a work enviroment that makes them feel like their at home and we are one big family. we believe that being comfortable where you work and having positive vibes around you create more productivity.

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